Winter Boots Leading The Way For The Fashion Conscious

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When trying to keep warm this winter, footwear is so important. Feet are notorious for getting cold which in turn results in loss of feeling, uncomfort and general misery. For healthy people, it is purely the discomfort of cold feet along with the possibility of picking up a cold as the immune system can be low due to sustained periods of the body being cold. The hands, feet and head are three areas of the body that are not only important to keep warm but when protected, give the most impact of feeling warm. Luckily, these three areas are very well catered for in terms of the variety of warm attire. For the accessory obsessive, it is a dream and now even for the footwear obsessive!

Boots seem to be getting more and more popular should it be in the form of FitFlop who have now created a range of fitness boots to the famous UGG brand and even Hunter Wellies forging their way back into the market and now bigger than ever. Although everyone wants to look good especially at party time, the ice and snow experienced in the United Kingdom in the last month means even the most style conscious needs to be safe and warm.

Brands such as UGG are now synonyms with keeping warm. Their very appealing and fashionable boots can be seen on the high street, on celebrities and people of all ages. The range is growing and growing week with the Classic Short and Tall styles still remaining popular but now with choices such as the new Kensington boot whichhas a rich, oiled finish that is more suited to the snow and damp weather than the suede boots. UGG Boots are not footwear items to be wearing around the office or shop floor but at least the arrival to places of work are done in style and warmth is achieved. UGGs have even brought out a range of slippers, hats and gloves so completely catering for the keeping warm inside and out in these cold months.

When the snow and rain is just too much, Hunter Wellies have to be ultimate choice. We all know wellies from our childhood. The feeling of freedom that any situation can be walked through whether it be a muddy field or a huge puddle. Hunter Boots still give that same protection but their new styles and colour ranges will convert even the most hardened of welly haters. Wellies are practical and sensible but these are not normally the words a fashionista is interested in. Hunter Wellies and Hunter Boots are a reborn revelation.

So keep warm and safe on the pavements this winter but to some, more importantly, keep stylish! Take advantage of accessories and boots and feel smug that you look fantastic but you are toasty warm at the same time!


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