Avoid Software For Psd to Html Coding

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As happens generally, people always tend to choose a cheap resource for PSD to HTML conversion. What they do not realise is that a cheap and bad quality service can damage their business badly. Most of the times, in temptation of saving money, people make use of an automated tool or some software instead of manual coding to get the PSD to HTML conversion done.

The software generally guarantees an error free code and generate HTML file same as the corresponding PSD. However, this is not the case. They fail to convert files properly and leave the whole project in a mess.

A manual coding is always the best bet any day. It is far better and promises good results compared to any tool or software. These software have many disadvantages. Therefore, it is better to make use of manual coding. First of all, any code generated with the help of a tool or software is not error free. The bugs in the code will affect the functionality of the website  or it may even change the design from the original PSD. A manual coding guarantees a clean code structure. Whereas, in an automated code you would not get a clean code structure. Flawed codes are nothing but unprofessional.

A manual PSD to XHTML coding done from a service provider promises to generate W3C validated code. The automated codes fail to meet the W3C validation most of the times. One expects to get a quick turn around time with the help of these tools. But this affects the quality of the code. These codes fail to produce quality codes and then one has to get the design recoded. If you are willing to sacrifice the quality of codes, you can use these tools at your own risk.

When it comes to impressing the customers, these tools may help you do that by providing the codes on time. However, ultimately you are surely going to lose the customers owing to the poor quality of the codes. The codes generated by software are not SEO friendly.

Therefore, it is always better to get the PSD to CSS/HTML coding done manually from an experienced and professional coder. Doing otherwise can damage your business badly.

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