Dating Tips For Women: Getting Ready For Your Date

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Getting ready for your date brings many emotions. You’ve been waiting all week for this special occasion, and now it’s finally here! At this time you have mixed emotions. You’re happy about finally landing a date, but nervous about how to look. Overly sexy might send the wrong idea, while playing it safe may come across as boring. These dating tips for women will help you find a medium that’s appropriate, attractive, yet very sophisticated.

Picking the right ensemble can be tricky because of your desire to look gorgeous without insinuating effort. Like most women, you may only want to enhance your natural beauty and physique. When picking a pretty dress, be sure not to seem too expensive. You want your date to think that you are prepared for occasions. If you have to go shopping every time you have a date, then it’s time for a new wardrobe.

Unless you are dating a model, he is not going to notice if you your dress is from a high fashion designer, or if you simply picked up a nice dress from Dillards. And even if he were a model, he wouldn’t care what you had on, he’s more concerned about how you look in it. With that being said, be sure to wear something that fits you. More importantly, if you feel attractive, you’ll look attractive as well. So being comfortable with what you have on is the key to looking and feeling sexy.

After you’ve found your style, the next thing you need to do is look and smell clean. Your fragrance should be light and catchy. Men are great observers so there’s no need to wear an over powering fragrance. If you smell good, he will smell you!

Lastly, let’s talk about your make-up and accessories. If you have a smooth face texture, there is no need to pile on the make-up. If you have problem areas, be sue to use only what is necessary. Men like natural beauty, and the love a woman who is able to enhance their beauty for occasions. Simple eye shadow and a pretty lip shade is all that you need. Remember that they want to see the real you. If you are wearing accessories, avoid being junky. Having too many bracelets, rings, and necklaces on at one time could be distracting. If you are wearing earrings, be sure to wear an appropriate size. Avoid wearing humongous hoops that could get caught on his shirt if he leans in for a hug.

These are simple yet important things to remember while preparing for a date. If you can’t decide on an outfit, take the time to try on several before making your final choice. If you must, invite a friend over to take pictures of out in your outfits so that you can have a visual in your decision making process. Remember, you look good when you feel good. So be sure to dress comfortably.


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