How to Stimulate Your Baby's Intelligence

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It would be better if the intelligence stimulation still be done until the baby reaches the age of 3 years. Intelligence stimulation since in the womb (gestational age of 6 months) can be done in various ways, below are easy tips that should help the intelligence stimulation.

Take time to talk to your baby, speak softly so that your baby knows you as a loving mother. Ask the baby’s father to talk to the baby near your stomach too.

Fairy tale
Read a fairy tale for your baby and speak actively to it. This will make your baby knows many new vocabularies even though the baby is still inside the womb and hasn’t known what the meaning.

Sing songs every day, so your baby can hear your voice. Songs of a mother, believed to soothe your baby’s heart. But of course, sing the songs that soothe the heart, not the rock songs.

Take time to pray and speak your prayers (not only in the mind). This is also very important to stimulate the intelligence of the baby, especially his spiritual intelligence.

Caress womb (stomach)
Caress your stomach, is also able to stimulate the intelligence of the baby.

Nutritious foods
Eat nutritious foods especially those that can spur the growth of the baby’s brain, such as foods that contains protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Also foods that contain lots of vitamin B1, B6, folfat acid, iodine, iron, zinc, AA, DHA, and others. It would be better if you consult with a nutritionist to choose the foods that contain above substances. Do not carelessly give multi vtimamins, in order to not interfere physical or mental health of your baby.

Have Fun Activities
Have fun activities to prevent the stress. For example, if you love playing or listening music, then do these activities for you and your baby. The excitement that you feel can also stimulate your baby’s intelligence.

Reduce Stress
Apparently, stress can disrupt the growth of the baby’s intelligence. When the pregnancy reaches six months, do not have too much work. Especially avoid jobs that can stimulate your stress level. If you feel stressed, your baby can feel the stress too. Even though it is still in the womb.

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