How to Subdue Bad Breath

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Well, these easy tips are the answer, just follow the easy tips below and you will enjoy the result. But you should know the cause of bad breath first. Actually, 80 % to 90 % of the causes are something wrong in your mouth, such as dirty mouth, plaque, bacteria, cavities, gum diseases. And the rest of the causes are foods, something wrong in your lung, gastrointestinal tract or body wide infections (such as sinus infection, diabetes). The common causes are tobacco (smoking), garlic and alcohol which brought through the bloodstream and exhaled by the lungs.

Easy tips to subdue bad breath :
Keep your teeth clean
This means brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day, and floss regularly. Food and bacteria trapped between teeth and the gum line, can only be removed by the floss. You will have bad breath, if they weren’t removed.

Keep your tongue clean
It’s not only your teeth that needed to be cleaned, but also your tongue. Bacteria on your tongue are contributing to bad breath. Be sure to brush gently your tongue too, after you brushed your teeth.

Wet your mouth
Dry mouth is possible causing bad breath. Saliva helps you clean your mouth, they have a natural antibacterial agents, and wash away the food debris. Lack of saliva flow at night will cause the bad breath in the morning.

Rinse your mouth
Rinse your mouth by swishing water in your mouth, at least after eating. This can help to remove food debris.

Chewing parsley
Chewing parsley or spearmint will not subdue bad breath, but the aroma of the herb itself can help to cover up bad breath temporarily.

Eating appropriate foods
Eat appropriate foods that can help to subdue bad breath, such as celery, carrots, peanuts, low fat cheese.

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