How to Subdue Insomnia

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These are symptoms of insomnia that you should be aware.
Insomnia can be defined as a situation where someone is having trouble in sleeping or sleeping disorder. Every people averagely has experienced insomnia once in his life.

Insomnia Causes
Insomnia attacks all groups of age, especially women. The older you are, the higher possibility for you to get insomnia. Common cause of this is the stress that often attacking old people.
The other causes of insomnia are food, anxiety, room atmosphere, and excess caffeine consumption.

How to subdue insomnia

  • Regular exercise
    Exercise regularly in the morning and not a few minutes before bedtime. With exercise, your health  become more optimal to subdue stress.
  • Reduce kaffein consumption
    Reduce caffeine consumption, such as coffee. If you have to consume it, do it in the morning. If you consume kaffein before bedtime at night, it will only make you hard to sleep and insomnia happens to you.
  • Appropriate meal and mealtime
    Choose light carbohydrate foods as your dinner, such as crackers, muffins, but fruits are still the best for dinner. Eat those meals properly, do not too much. Why light carbohydrate is better than others ? Because light carbohydrate contains a sleeper agent,  Tryptophan.  Tryptophan is a type of fatty accids, useful to produce serotonin which can relax the central brain nerves. As the result, you will subdue insomnia, you will have a good quality of sleep.
    Closer dinner time to bedtime, will increase metabolism and body temperature. This will make you have insomnia. The right dinner time is at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Appropriate activities and environment
    Before and at bedtime activities and environment determine insomnia. Before bedtime, pour aromatherapy oil on the diffuser, hot shower, set your favorite song or lining the bed with a comfortable blanket. At bedtime, turn off the lights, turn off the disturbing sound, set your room temperature to make you comfortable. Keep your clock away from you because it could make you more anxious.
  • Appropriate place
    You should do your activities on the right place. If you want to read or watch tv, you should do in other places, not on the bed. So that when you go to bed, your body have been prepared well to sleep. This will reduce the chance of insomnia to happen.
  • Don’t worry
    Worries always make you to have sleeping disorder. You have to clear your mind, get rid of your worries. This could be done by praying first before bedtime, to set your worries to God.
  • Sleep and wake up in a regular time period
    Sleep and wake up in a regular time period every day. Irregular time period of sleep might make you to have insomnia on the next days.

Immediately contact your doctor, if insomnia still happens after following above easy tips.

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