Recycling Campaign

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      In most countries, waste is burried or incinerated, whereas half of what ends up in dustbins couls still be useful. Recycling, with is enourmous benefits, is the answer. Bearing in mind that deposits of natural resources are not renewable, recyclable materials like metals, paper, rags, melted-down plastic and hardwood cutoffs, should be put to good use. The biggest savings would be in energy consumption, but it is also important to conserve natural resources and be environment-friendly by producing less waste. By investing in materials which are considered rubbish, wholw industry could be built around recycling in this throwaway culture of ours.

      Waste Watch, a group which promotes the idea od recycling, has published data on enrgy saving when new goods are made from waste. To produce a can from recycled material, it seems we require only one twentieth of the energy needed to meke a car from raw materials. Used drink cans, thrown by the millions into litter receptacles, are a valuable resource. They can provide tin, steel and aluminium. From reclamantion plants, the recycled aluminium can re-enter the economy in a wide variety of attractive products.

       Waste Watch  has started the campaign by targeting households, offering advice on local recycling schemes. It presses for making access to collection points widely available, not only at rubbish depots or tips. For many people, carrying recyclables to tips ot bottle tanks is a problem and many do not bother. Schools should play their part: children don’t need to be encouraged to participate in collection schemes – they love it. Each resident supporting the idea can help them separating coloured glass from clear galss, and putting aside newspapers, steel and aluminium cans. Consumers should encourage manufacturers to switch to recyclable or less packaging. For example, they should sell refill packs. By buying recyclables, the public will show their awaraness of environmental issues.


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