How to Install Linux Operating System

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  1. Obtain a copy of Linux. There are many different Linux distributions. Some distributions are simply personalized copies of a standard Linux package. Some specialize in different areas such as general desktop, scientific community, etc. Research which distrbution is good for your needs.

  2. Resize existing partitions to make room for the new Linux partition.

  3. Put the media containing the Linux installer in the appropriate media slot/tray and restart the computer.

  4. Enter the BIOS setup area upon rebooting the systen. Set the ‘Boot’ order so that the media containing the Linux installer will boot prior to the hard disk drive.

  5. With some distributions of Linux, the installer is on a Live media which means that you can select to install Linux right away or choose to ‘Test Drive’ Linux before installing it. Make your selection at this time as to which you would like to do.

  6. After testing Linux and/or installing the Linux operating system, restart the computer; removing the Linux install media when prompted.

  7. If Linux exists with other operating systems, you will be prompted with a boot menu where you select the operating system you would like to boot at the time. To switch from one operating system to another, yu will have to restart the computer.

You have now installed Linux and all is left is for you to enjoy the new operating system.


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