Get Along!!!!!!

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We all have people in our lives that we find next to impossible to get along with. This actually happens quite easily becauce of our uniqueness.We all look for people who compliment our own characters.This is what comes naturally without any effort. But in our day-to-day lives,how many people do we actually meet that are our perfect character compliments?Few and far between.

Many people find that they live long lonely lives because they don’t feel appreciated.In my opinion,people don’t make an effort to get to know those around them.They just want to fit into each other like gloves.And that is where the problem lies.

So what are we to do?Think of a new sweater you got over Chrismas afew years ago.You really didn’t feel like you would like it much but on those cold nights,you broke it out and eventually you got to like it and can’t seem to want to part with it anymore.If we had the same approach to those people who come into our lives we would find that we grow to appreciate them and eventually even like them.If we just gave everyone a chance to be who they are and not form opinions on who they should be,wouldn’t life be easier for everybody?Take time and look at those who you dont like for whatever reason with a new outlook.You never know!!


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