How to Do Xhtml Coding From Psd

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PSD to XHTML conversion is one of the best method to get a valid coded layout. It is speed optimised, well semantic cross browser compatible W3S validated to be hosted as a live web portal in World Wide Web. The fierce competition in the web development field have made people realized the importance and benefits of PSD to XHTML conversion-service. The important question is- how to do XHTML code from PSD based file for best cross browser compatibility? Discussed below is the process of converting PSD file to XHTML.

PSD to XHTML conversion is a process of  converting PSD based image file into a strong XHTML mark-up language. It is important to ensure that the coded layout is cross browser compatible and runs well on different browsers like  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. The very first step of the conversion process is to open the PSD file in an image compatible software to slice the image. Once the PSD file is sliced, the HTML programmer can add, remove and change various options like buttons, images, text boxes, background color etc.

After this the sliced images are saved in a particular location. Then the programmer integrates saved PSD based sliced images into XHTML mark-up language. There are some components like column, image placement, size and shape which remain unchanged even after integration of the PSD file. After the conversion a web portal looks quite similar to the PSD template. The website looks much better than the PSD template. It lends a pretty professional look to your website. All the steps involved enhance the final look of the website. It is important that you hire only a professional and experienced XHTML developer. This will ensure that you get a well coded website which works well on different browsers.

Most of the HTML developers restore their pre-designed web templates in PSD format. The reason behind this is to show the clients how their web portal look after PSD to CSS/XHTML conversion. By converting a PSD format based file into a strong XHTML mark-up language, one can get a perfectly coded web portal ready for uploading. A good XHTML developer optimises the website for fast loading. It is indeed the best method and all worth it. You can make your business much better through XHTML. XHTML coding enables website owner to prevent the circumstances of inaccessibility of website from any browser.

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