Sing Your Way to Multiplication!

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Once your child has learned to count to 20 he or she will probably be ready to learn to count by 10’s to 100. From there it’s easy to learn to count by 5’s. When it comes to counting by 2’s we usually learn only up to 20 at first but by repeating the 10’s your child will soon be skip counting by 2’s starting at any given number up to 100.

Folding Laundry Skip Counting Math

1.  When you are folding laundry you might skip count by 2’s to see how many socks were in the wash. Soon she will be multiplying by 2 at least to 20.

2. Skip count by 5’s to see how many toes would fit into those socks. Counting by 5’s soon leads to multiplying by 5.

3. As you jump across the floor to put the socks away in the drawers you can skip count by 10’s to see how many toes all together hopped into the bedroom. Not only will this help your child to count to 100 but will also make multiplication by 10’s a cinch.

Car Tire Skip Counting Math

As we drove down the road one day we began to count the tires on the cars we passed. With 4 tires per car it was time to skip count by 4’s. Once your child can skip count by 4’s it’s time to start multiplying by 4.

These are just a few of the fun, hands-on activites that I have developed over years of teaching math to my children as well as students in the classroom. There are dozens more songs, games and activities to learn to skip count. Come explore skip counting


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