Don't Buy The Asics GT 2160's For Women Until You Read This!

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The ASICS GT-2160 is new for 2010 and replaces the very popular ASICS GT-2150. The ASICS 2000 line is one of the world’s most successful running shoe lines. Runners World selected the GT-2160 for their 2010 Editor’s Choice award. The ASICS GT-2000 line began 17 years ago and ASICS has worked continually to make this shoe better. I’ve been running in these shoes for a month and they are extremely comfortable and provide outstanding support. My knees gave my significantly more trouble before I switched to this shoe. The GT-2160’s are classified as a stability shoe which means they work well for runners with a low to average arch height. A stability shoe provides extra support to help prevent overpronation (rolling your foot too much to the inside) which often occurs in runners with a low arch. This shoe is an excellent choice for anyone that doesn’t have a high arch. Many runners who ran in the previous model, the GT 2150’s, and who have switched to the GT 2160’s, say that the newer model is a substantial upgrade. Some runners who love their 2150’s may want to stay with them. They’re a great buy  as the price has been reduced to make way for the GT 2160’s. If you are new to the GT 2100 line, my recommendation would be to go with the newer model even though they are a little more money. You can see a video on the GT 2160’s and many other top rated running shoe models by visiting my running site: Barb’s Womens Running Shoe Reviews.

Here are some of the features of the GT 2160’s:

The 2160’s provide a high level of support decreasing the shock felt by your feet, knees and ankles. This reduces injuries for many runners.

The GT-2160’s feel lighter and more lively than the 2150’s

The shoe has a soft and comfortable interior lining

The heel area is very well cushioned with the ASICS Gel Cushioning System

New technology in this shoe is the Guidance Line, which are grooves on the bottom of the shoe that creates a more efficient gait cycle and also reduces the weight of the shoe

I recommend the GT-2160’s because they are one of the most comfortable running shoes you can buy and provide outstanding support. They are also stylish and have a springy feel.

You can purchase the ASICS 2160’s or the 2150’s, and see video and written reviews on many of the top rated running shoes for women by visiting my site at: 


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