Happy New Year! 17Th Email

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Dear Ms. XXX,

HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2011! The library was closed on Fri/Saturday (lucky for your staff). I desire to inform you that I was employed at Securitas Security Services USA in Los Angeles, CA while I worked at Raleigh’ Studios as a security officer. My favorite show is CSI. I thought I was on sky 2500 when discovering CSI Miami/ CSI New York shoot their scenes from this studio. My game plan was to be the best security officer (which is not difficult because I am NOSY). Then, when I knew the producers well, I could ask how to present my ideas in a positive-proper manner.My well intentions back fire. While I was checking in people at the main gate; I had to ask for ID’s. Girl! I saw Mr. Adam Rodriguez yet I was so focus on impressing Ms. Debbie (my boss). I didn’t recognize him at all. I requested his ID like everybody else. He looked at me for a split second then gave me his wallet. I was so embarrassed. I immediately apologize repeatedly to him. He was so humble and cordial. Mr. Rodriguez kept saying “It okay, you are just doing your job.”

Then, I saw Mrs. Emily Procter. She really has a southerner accent. She was so nice and friendly. Well, my employment there was short live because I got evicted from the Sunshine shelter in Los Angeles. I worked only a week. I departed from Los Angeles, CA. I told Debbie she could keep my paycheck and give it to your Angel Network. I even seriously said that I would have to check how the Angel Network spent my little check. You can ask Debbie she will confirm what I am writing. You see most people (society) assume I steal because I am homeless. Bonnie does not view me as a thief. She trusts me. I am free to roam around her house while I am cleaning. It is a very good feeling when people trust you. She is a sincere friend. Friends take care of each other. So, could you please think about assisting Bonnie in renovating her house.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Poster


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