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Sidney Poitier promotes his autobiography

Dear Ms. XXX,

I gave all the information I could to with the exception of Julio Ceja and Jose Garibay. My pyrokinesis was kicking in over drive. My fever went sky high and my hands were burning. I shouldn’t be surprise because all the information I gave to were gruesome and morbid. Thanks to you, one of your shows (when you interviewed Mr. Sidney Poitier). I found the grace to deal with my pyrokinesis.One of my favorite actors is Mr. Poitier. Most people are intrigued with the man. I was more intrigue with the person behind the man. I am NOSY as you know. I wanted to know how this man got to be so gifted. I was greedy to know who/what made him unique. The answer was simple.

The equation equaled Mrs. Evelyn Poitier. I wrote a poem about her. Sometimes, God seem too great, so magnificent. I needed someone on this planet that I could relate to other then my lovely positive family side. I listened how Mr. Poitier informed the world how his mother pounded rocks under an Almond tree all day to make tons of gravel. My life is a piece of cake! Well, you know Mr. Nelson Mandela. 27 years in prison; and he is not even bitter: I have nothing to complain about. I wrote a poem about him too. Pyrokensis is a spiritual gift when a person focus on an object and it inflames. You know like the movie “FIRE STAR” with Drew Barrymore.

Sohlau (continue with part two)


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