Bonnie 15Th Email

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Dear Ms. XXX,

Christine and Deanna (Christine’s mom) brought me JACK-N-BOX meal. It was good! I have so much respect for Deanna. She brought me a rescue inhaler too. I am not use to people being so nice to me! So, I went to amw.comsite. Yes! Girl! You know I am NOSY!!! I am going to give info on Ervis Mecollari, Robert Lee King, Julio Ceja, Jose Garibay, and Jose Fernando Corona. Now, before you say, “Girl, you should put yourself first not last.” I want you to know I did put myself first.

I called Asbury United Methodist Church to check if their facility gives showers for the homeless. Last night, I put up my pictures on my space. Ms. XXX, I got a “HEY, GOOD LOOKING BADGE!” Ms. XXX, can you believe 13,671 people like my picture in my lingerie. There I am in a tasteful pose with all my fat. It proves that beauty comes in all sizes. I just might try out for American Next Top Model again. I would probably give the staff a HEADACHE!  I sincerely, want to be a role model for a healthy body image. I also posted my father’s estate papers on myspace.comseeking an Estate Attorney too.

I even took time to listen to Eminem’s new songs. I also, added Eminem as a friend. It is not like I am ever going to meet him. I think I will write a poem about him. I rather do a song with him (that too big of a dream. I will write a poem instead).
So, please assist me with helping Bonnie fix her house. I am willing to pitch in too (clean up after the construction workers). I am not afraid of hard work. Okay, I got to go and be NOSY on



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