If Only You'd Always Known This About Weight Loss Foods

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Life is a hardship, cream’s a dream, the bread is not buttered and the meat is lean, and yet, the weighing machine mocks you. After a month of religiously avoiding fats and living on low carb diets, the scale doesn’t seem to relent, and you lose hope. Well, you don’t have to starve to lose weight. Eating well and yet shedding pounds is possible if you eat right. Weight loss foods are the answer to your weighty problems. And there is lots to choose from – rich, both in nutrition and taste.

Refined grains have always been the favourites as they are softer, smoother, easier to cook, better looking, and have a longer life to boot. But scientific studies confirm that those who consume whole foods weigh less than those who prefer refined foods. Consumption of unrefined foods helps in shedding weight two and a half times more quickly. Whole grains contain anti-oxidants that control the hormone that directs the body to store fat around the belly. They are, therefore, great weight-loss foods.

Nuts, that you eyed as a kid when your parents offered them to special guests, are not just delicious fare that are too rich for everyday use. They are weight loss foods, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help lower bad cholesterol and keep heart attacks at bay. They give a push to calorie burning abilities that lasts a good three hours and more. Pistachios by themselves, are known to help you lose 10 to 12 pounds in just three months.

As in nuts, so in avocados and olives, healthy fats are not fattening. Research has shown some foods with more than fifty percent fat content to be effective weight-loss foods as against some other foods that are, in fact, quite low in fat content. Some kinds of food trigger cravings because they affect hormones that regulate hunger – refined, high sugar, high carb foods, for instance. Your fat friends (nuts and the gang), on the other hand, are innocent.

You must have heard of weight loss drugs and felt tempted to try these magic pills so you could hog and laze and yet be slim. But you have been scared enough of the side effects to wait forever before trying. Good news! There are weight loss pills you can use without the chills – beans, the perfect weight loss pills (okay, they are weight loss foods, not pills). They chisel your body and pamper your heart. Beans and legumes deserve to be your first choice in proteins. They are high quality proteins that fight weight gain too.

To bring colour to your life and flavour too, there is the grand pageant of fruits and vegetables and berries, so rich in nutrients and such weight loss foods too. You can gorge and gorge and fear none, for the antioxidants they are so rich in, break the cycle of overindulgence that refined and sugary foods get you into. Berries are at the top of the chart of foods rich in antioxidants. Folate and potassium rich cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower help you lose almost ten times more when you are dieting to reduce weight. What’s more, they conserve lean muscle mass and protect us from damage that estrogenic chemicals that are said to have a link with obesity can cause. To get the most from this group of weight loss foods, you need to go organic.

Crestfallen? No chocolates, no ice-cream? Don’t lose heart. A recent study has found that when you eat dark chocolate, you tend to consume fewer calories during the next meal and are less inclined to eat junk food. And a scoop of ice-cream once a week may actually do you good.


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