Information About Birth Control

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Information about birth control is quite controversial with both the church and the society taking sides. Some churches feel that it is wrong to use birth control methods, something the society sees as absurd. At the same time, information about birth control most of the time ends up in the wrong hands. For instance, many young people today are engaged in sex and may opt to use the available contraceptives to ensure that they do not get pregnant or get a sexually transmitted disease. Ideally, birth control measures are meant for married women looking to having manageable families. The unmarried would be better off abstaining.

A couple can adopt several birth control methods. One of them is the birth control patch which is a square patch treated with hormones that prevent pregnancies. It is stuck on the skin and this way sends the hormones to the bloodstream thus preventing the pregnancy. It does so by stopping ovulation. It also thickens the mucus and this makes it hard for the sperms to penetrate. The hormones contained in this patch include estrogens and progesterone. The birth control pill may also be used. Normally a pill is taken on a daily basis. It contains hormones that alter the body’s functions and thus limit the chances of conception. It inhibits ovulation and thickens the mucus thus preventing the sperms from fertilizing the egg. The birth control ring is a doughnut shaped ring that is inserted in the vagina. It releases hormones into the uterus thus preventing pregnancy. The birth control shot also ensures that one does not fall pregnant by introducing hormones to the body. It stops ovulation and this prevents one from getting pregnant.

The cervical cap is another method used in birth control. It acts as a barrier and ensures that the sperms do not penetrate to the uterus. It is inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix. It is used together with a spermicide and must not be removed until six hours are over. A condom is another method of birth control. Like the cervical cap, it acts as a barrier thus preventing the sperms from meeting the egg. There are two types of condoms; the male one and the female one. The male one is worn over the penis while the female one is inserted in the vagina. The diaphragm is another birth control method that blocks the cervix thus preventing pregnancy. It is inserted into the vagina and is used with a spermicide.

The implantable contraception is also used as a method of birth control. It is inserted under the skin and releases hormones, which inhibit pregnancy for many years. It is inserted on the upper arm. It is important to know more about birth control options available if one has had unprotected sex. The emergency pill, also known as the morning after pill is a type of contraception taken after unprotected sex. It is hormonal and ensures that pregnancy does not occur. It must however be taken within 72 hours after having unprotected sex. The intrauterine device is at times used as an emergency contraceptive. Another method used in birth control is withdrawal. This is whereby the man ejaculates outside. This way, the sperms do not get to the egg. Availing information about birth control to all is a great way of eradicating the issue of unwanted pregnancies.


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