Why Ke$Ha Being a Mess Makes Us Love Her More

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Ke$ha moves fast in the world of fame. She started out a bit messy, and by the time her second album debuted, she’s managed to expose some rough performances, as well as her naked body. So why does Ke$ha’s madness keep us coming back for more, rather than turning us away?

* Stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry make us love controversy, and Ke$ha has played off of this. While they created different controversy then Ke$ha, they introduced us to the world of celebrity madness. Lady Gaga led the way for popstars to forget their pants at home and create complete identities to go with their pseudonyms, and Katy Perry made songs about lesbianism okay in mainstream pop music. (I, personally, would like to give Jill Sobule credit for this as well, but she certainly wasn’t as mainstream as Katy Perry.)

* Ke$ha’s music is messy, so it helps her live up to her persona. TiK ToK helped us enter Ke$ha’s seemingly drunken world, and she continued the journey with songs like Cannibal and Grow a Pear. You just can’t take Ke$ha seriously, and it seems that’s what she wants.

* The performances Ke$ha puts on make you stare – and keep staring because you just can’t stop. Her New Year’s Eve performance on December 31, 2010 was a mess, but for some reason, it was nearly impossible to stop watching. Ke$ha managed to look like a man trying to be a woman, and it was kind of impressive. (I have no problem with men who dress like women, mind you, but it was impressive for Ke$ha to pull it off because she is a woman.)

* Ke$ha knows she makes controversy, and she thrives on it. For example, she created controversy with her performance on Saturday Night Live. Unlike some artists, who may shy away from accidental controversy, Ke$ha owns it.

* Ke$ha airs her dirty laundry. Ke$ha has no problem sharing her dirty – and not so dirty – secrets with us. We love to know and Ke$ha loves to share. For example, Ke$ha told the press that she’s bisexual even before the debut of her first album. While this is no big deal to many of us, it probably caused shockwaves in at least some circles. She’s also insulted stars more famous than herself, including Britney Spears and Justin Bieber.

* She doesn’t care what we think. Ke$ha is Ke$ha and she wants us to know it. Ke$ha does what she wants, and she doesn’t care because even if we aren’t fans, we’ll still want to see what madness goes on next.


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