Are Teenagers Crazy?

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Are teenagers crazy? I suppose not, but they sure do make parents go a bit crazy. When my sweet little babies were just tots I can recall an older lady telling me, “Just wait. The terrible two’s are nothing compared to the teen years.”  Boy, howdy, was she right. At the time I couldn’t imagine anything being worse than chasing three wild-cats under age five.

Now that my hair is starting to gray and those fine lines have created a road map traversing my face I know what the older lady all those years ago said is absolutely true. Raising teenagers is the hardest thing parents will ever go through.

It’s a never-ending roller coaster of thrills, dives, terror, tears and great joy. Some days you get off the ride puking and other days you smile with pride–either way you keep lining up to buy another ticket.

 You loved those screaming, fit-throwing brats and you still love the know-it-all, disrespectful, sailor-mouthed semi-human beings they’ve become.

Raising teens is hard on the spirit, hard on a marriage and yet it teaches a parent exactly what the words “unconditional love” are all about. You come to realize you’ve taught them what’s important: God, family, trust, good morals, values and the importance of family bonds. You know their hearts and you know they’re good, despite the tackle-box and artwork they hide them under.

When push comes to shove…they know who truly loves them “unconditionally”–there’s that word again. They know who they can trust when they need to find a new direction and their friends have taken them down dark paths. Eventually…they come back to you–battered, bruised and wiser. They know where home is and they know they will be met with open arms.

Nope. I don’t think teenagers are crazy. Just young and full of life and adventure. Full of themselves and a natural urge to be free of their parents and the rules we set. They are driven by their need to find their own way, choose their own path, make their own decisions and to even make their own mistakes. What they don’t get–is how watching all this makes parents go just a little bit crazy.

This goes out to all the crazy parents of teens. Hang in there; eventually you’ll see the sunny side of raising children once again.

Copyright © 2011 Cherie Kuranko ~ “InkSpot”

All Rights Reserved.


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