Geert Wilders Speeches at Ground Zero New York

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New York City, United States – Today Dutch politician Geert Wilders speeches in New York City. He started and finished his speech with the words; “No mosque here.” The extreme right politician known for his anti-Muslim views visited New York in tribute for the victims of 9/11 attacks and to protest against a religious centre in the near vicinity of Ground Zero. It was the first time that Winders speeches outside his own country. However after his visit to New York City he speeches in Berlin and was extremely critical about Bundes Kansler Angela Merkel.  

Insiders called his speech tame, but straight to the point. Wilders does not step back to show the world his concerns about the growth of the Muslim community in the Western world. He is concerned that Muslim communities will not respect the distance between politics and religion in a modern democratic society. In many Muslim countries religion and politics are not two separate entities.

Wilders said: “Let me start by saying, no mosque at ground zero. In Europe Muslims danced in the streets when the news was received. We should not tolerate this kind of behaviour.” Further he let his listeners know: “In a poll in my own country during the aftermath of 9/11 two thirds of Muslims in the Netherlands partially or fully understood the motives of the terrorists.”

Geert Wilders is the voice of the extreme right PVV (political party for freedom) in the Netherlands. The PVV is part of a minority government together with VVD and CDA.


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