Xbox 360 Two Red Rings Fix

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Got the Xbox 360 2 red rings error? This problem is caused by heat and it’s pretty tough to fix. That’s why most people will tell you to send your console over to Microsoft and pay $150 or use your warranty for the repair. But I don’t say that to you. Why? Because it can be fixed by yourself quite easily with some guidance.

Right, so now you know how the Xbox 360 2 red rings error has come on your console, you can fix it easy… Right? Well, not really… We know that it’s because of the heat, but it doesn’t mean that you can fix it by cooling it down. Sure, it helps, but your console is already damaged. So it’s useful to keep it cool after the repairs.

It’s high likely that you have to open up your console and fix the problem, but there are some tips around where it’s not necessary to open up your console. To fix the Xbox 360 2 red rings, you could do 4 things without open up your console.

1) Restart your console.
2) Check for loose cables.
3) Unplug all cables, and get them back in.
4) Take out the hard-drive and get it back in. This needs to be repeated for a couple of times.

If these tips didn’t fix your Xbox 360 2 red rings, than you’ve got to open up your console. You could do this quite easily with a little help from the repair guide.

When you do this yourself, it requires some effort. Although, time flies, and so does your repair. Before you know it, you will be playing your favourite game again with your friends.


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