Xbox 360 Error Repair Guide

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Do you’ve got the Xbox 360 E79 error on your console? Want this problem to be gone? You can do this on 2 ways. You either Send your console over to Microsoft and let them fix the problem, or you can actually start a fix yourself with the step by step help from a repair guide.

Fix My Xbox 360 E79 Error By Microsoft?

What you can do to get your console fixed, is that you will actually send your console over to Microsoft. Now, that might sound very logical and very good… Right? But the truth is different…

When you do this, you will have to pay $150 to Microsoft. But, to cheer you up… This is only needed if your warranty has been expired. Also, the waiting times are horrible. You’ll have to wait for 2-6 weeks before your console will be fixed.

Fix My Xbox 360 E79 Error By Myself?

This option is actually the best one that you’ve got. It’s cheap and fast, and as long as you use a repair guide, it will be an easy fix also! It’s highly recommended that if you want to do this, to get yourself a repair guide. This will give you step by step instructions with photo’s, text and videos.

Also, when you do the Xbox 360 E79 error fix yourself, you won’t have to wait for weeks. You will be able to get the repairs done within 1 day, or even within 1 hour. It’s high likely to see results like this. Many people have done this before, so why wouldn’t you be able to do it either?

As long as you use an xbox 360 repair guide. The repair will be cheap, fast and easy. You will be able to get your consol fixed within 1 day.


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