What's The Best Way to Repair My Xbox 360?

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Did you just play your favourite game on your Xbox 360 and suddenly out of no where you get the E74 error? This is a really annoying situation. The E74 error is caused by heat. You know, a while ago before the Xbox 360 was released, Microsoft faced with a problem; The DVD drive was too big. So to let the drive fit into the Xbox 360, they have made the size of the heat sink (the cooling system) smaller. And now, you’re stuck with the error. The only way to solve this is to do a Xbox 360 E74 fix!

There are a few options for you to do this.

1)You send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft. They will repair it for you. When you send it back, you don’t have to expect that your Xbox 360 will be repaired in a couple of days, no. It takes at least 1 month. And not to mention that it’s for a price of $140,- You might think that this is the best option because Microsoft will know how to fix it. But don’t forget that they are the ones who messed up.

2)If you want a Xbox 360 E74 fix, you could send it to a repair shop. This can take a couple of days, but the costs may be high. This is because you have to pay repair costs, the hours of work they put into it, etc. This can cost you around $100,- Not really cheap for a small problem…

3)The third and best option you have is to fix the E74 error by yourself. The Xbox 360 E74 Fix doesn’t really take a lot of time. In matter of fact, it can take you less than 1 hour! And the costs will be pretty much close to $0,-. Now don’t think that you can’t do this, because that’s nonsense. Anyone can do this, as long as you have a guide on your side.


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