Do You Know a Lonely Senior?

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Do you know a lonely senior?

Living alone for seniors is particularly difficult because sometimes a senior has spent over 60 years living with their spouse and now that loved one is gone. There are many changes that the elderly go through; one of those is the loss of close friends or family members. It can leave an empty hole and so the rate of lonely seniors is increasing in our population. Extended family members cannot always fill the needs of the elderly. Statistics Canada states “that seniors who live alone are at particular risk of being lonely and isolated unless they have a community of relationships and activities built around them that gives purpose and meaning to a lonely senior”.

As a person becomes more isolated particular attention should be paid to make sure that they are physically exercising. Physically exercising does not mean a person needs to go out jogging but being active, active in community based activities and short bits of physical activity, helps keep the muscles and joints limber, gives better balance and coordination and it also keeps a person’s mind active. The mind is a powerful tool.

Caring 4 U Support Services will work with family members and the senior to develop a specialized and detailed individualized plan of activities that they might once have enjoyed doing that is based on their abilities to give the senior back their life.


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