Writer Harry Mulisch Dies in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Famous Dutch writer Harry Mulish died at age 83 in Amsterdam on 30 October 2010. Harry Mulish who was one of the Big Three writers in the Dutch twentieth century literature scene. Together with W.F. Hermans and Gerard Reve he led modern Dutch literature to a higher level.

The Second World War was always part of many of his works. At one point he even said; “I am the second World War”, being born from a Austrian/German father and a Jewish mother he engaged in many of the elements, his curiously never ended and in worthy lines he revealed them to the world.  

Harry Mulisch’s books were translated in 30+ languages and often were found on literature list for highschool and university students. The Assault, The Discovery of Heaven, The procedure, Last Call, Siegfried, Criminal Case 40-61 Trail of Adolf Eichmann are all work of this international master.

Harry Mulisch with his own style and flair, hated by many, and loved by many more. His arrogant attitude but worldly stature was all part of his own habitat. The person Mulsich showed the world his personality without any scruples of what people would think of him. He was himself, and you could either accept it or go to hell. Strong in his opinions and straight to the point, Mulisch was a writer with what Germans would call “viel schwung” descriptive and a master in the Dutch language.

Harry Mulisch, dressed to perfection and with his always present pipe, will be missed, but he leaves a legacy of more than 50 books. During his lifetime he often said; “people will read my books in one hundred years from now.”


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