Alain Clark – Father And Friend in The Usa

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Alain Clark a Dutch singer/songwriter famous for his voice, beautiful guitar play and his head gear is heading for the United States.

Last week Alain announced to travel to the USA to find his way into the US charts. He planned a small concert tour, where he will be accompanied by his father, who plays a vital role in his first top 10 hit single “Father and Friend.” They plan to visit as many radio stations and TV stations as possible during their visit enabling the single to get airplay nation wide.

“Father and Friend” hit the European charts in January 2008 and it brought him the fame he so deserved. Father and Friend is a track on his second album “Live it Out.” The video clip is shot in close-up with his father. Alain’s father originates from the Caribbean island of Aruba and always have been a singer in local bands. The two voices flow in a perfect match of harmonic tones.

Alain Clark met with music legend John Legend last week in Amsterdam where they played a duet accompanied by one single piano and a one single acoustic guitar. Both artist enjoyed the close harmony singing session.

The Song “Father and Friend” shows the love between father and son and the idyllic presence of a life long friendship, a bond which will never fade away. It is almost certain that with the right marketing Alain Clark will succeed in the USA. With several European hits and three albums under his belt he comes prepared, and is ready for the big stage. The ever laughing artist with his oversized hats will be loved by the American audience.


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