Joan The Dreamer: First Recalled Dream of The Year

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I still can’t recall my first dream of the year. It’s like having an amnesia and trying to grasp elusive, fleeting images. My second dream after waking up on the second day of January was clearer:

In my dream, it looked like I was in a military or police administrative office, asking for an appointment with one of the high ranking officers. Everybody was busy doing something, and I was waiting for my turn in one of the benches, trying to peer through the door gaps the officer who was assigned to see me. My concern, whatever it was, was under the department of a woman officer. As I entered her office, she was stern but accommodating. She smiled as she signaled for me to sit down. After addressing my concern, I went home.

My house there was not like my home in the waking world, and it was under attack by some sort of evil gnome that looked like Dopey in the Harry Potter movie. We tried to defend our abode from the singular invader by locking up all doors and windows. I don’t know who my home companions were but we were trying our best to parry our magical enemy. As the lone attacker was getting more offensive, I sought for more offensive means, too, like a rod and other found objects, but in my mind, the fight could be won by prayers. The ordeal could have gone on but I was already awake.


Lately, I noticed that I can remember the vivid details of my dreams, so much that I decided to write them down. A surrealist painter advised me to make them inspirations for my surreal artworks, so all the more that I have to write them down. And maybe, just maybe, going back to them after some time, I might realize their meanings, coming true in some near or distant future…


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