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Eindhoven, The Netherlands – The Netherlands recently launched a Working for Work company, a new re-integration project for the cities Eindhoven, Heeze-Leende, Valkenswaard, Veldhoven and Waalre,

In some of the European countries the unemployment rate has never been so high, and creative new initiatives are needed to help unemployed citizens to find new employment.

Trabajo Eindhoven, in the Netherlands a new initiative was launched about 12 months ago. Trabajo, Spanish for work, is a company which helps unemployed members of the society to find a worthy job within a three months time frame. The project was started after initial ideas generated by Apprenti in Utrecht.

Unemployment puts a lot of pressure on the welfare funds of any welfare state, and so also in the Netherlands the crash of 2007 hit the country hard, many lost their jobs and only now the Dutch economy is getting back on its feet again.

The Netherlands knows various unemployment benefits, WW, WAO, Bijstand (welfare) and others. Many unemployed workers struggle with applying for a new jobs They find it hard to step back from their old and build up-salaries to either work in a company for less monthly payment, and not even in their preferred industry. This situation gives an even higher level of dissatisfaction with job seekers. Basically it boils down to a situation where it is not easy to be approved for a new job when coming from a welfare situation.

Trabajo is the perfect link. Trabajo is not an institute or part of any social work place or even a subsidized organization,  Trabajo is a company, part of the Ergon Group, which helps unemployed people to find a suitable job in three months. A Trabajo job is not a job, just to have a job, but a suitable work environment that fits the persons profile and the focus is towards sustainable employment. Happier employees last longer. Every unemployed person send to Trabajo has to apply and go through a process of application, there is an ABC test involved to profile the abilities of the individual. The company is looking for motivated people, willing to work for work.

Once selected, Trabajo offers a 3 month contract and a minimum salary based on Dutch standards. The individual works full time, where part time is filled in with simple production labor and the other part is filled with training and coaching in a group environment to find the perfect job.

The first two weeks the employee is evaluated through work coaches and seminars to find the perfect job that fits the profile, the rest of the time hard work is performed by the individual and the company to find a sustainable work space that fits.

At this moment 90 people are employed with Trabajo and their success rate is 74%. 74% of the employees find a job within the first 3 months. Trabajo is a business model which is suitable to be launched in many European countries.

Work harder on yourself then you do on the job

When you work hard on the job you make a living

When you work hard on yourself you make a fortune

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