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Using social networks as a way to market your business for free does work.  Social marketing to promote your website or business opportunity connects you with like-minded people who share your interests, helps you recruit new members by posting your referral links on your profile and allows you to post your referral links and URLs daily for free to continuously remind your followers, fans and friends that you still use what you promote, whatever the opportunity your promoting.

I’m here to discuss three of my favorite social networks that I use to help expand my presence online.

The first social network I use to connect with friends, family and like-minded people is Facebook.  I’m sure most of you are aware of Facebook but are you aware of my Facebook FreeWriteRevenueStreams Page?  I put a specific Facebook page together to help me link up with like-minded people who write articles, blogs and create free websites and doing so has helped me link up with people who share my interests.  I also use it as a way to keep track of all the Revenue Sharing Websites I belong to and a way to keep track of all the Publisher Programs I belong to.  Creating a specific Facebook page does help expand your presence online.  Please feel free to post your articles, blogs and website links onto my FreeWriteRevenueStreams Facebook page.  If you already have or create a Facebook page of your own, please post it on my FreeWriteRevenueStreams Facebook page and I will be more than happy to become a fan and follow you.  Recently I created a Facebook Group title Online Article Writers and within a week already have a new member.  Getting a my first member within a week of creating it shows you how fast you can build up a Facebook Group.  I look forward meeting many like-minded people who earn money online using all free resources.  If you would like to post your article, blogs and website URLs, please feel free to do so.

The second social network I’ve been focusing on is Twitter.  Twitter is amazing because you can link up with like-minded people super fast.  Making connections with other article, blog and website creators is exactly what I wanted to get accomplished and did.  I’ve recruited many new members by tweeting my referral links daily.  You only have to sign in for five minutes a day and tweet.  Twitter is simply, free and easy to use.

The third social network I started using in November 2010 is YouTube.  I decided to create videos to help explain how I earn money online creating multiple streams of income using all free resources found on the web.  YouTube is amazing, free and helps you to connect with like-minded people too.  YouTube video watching can help you learn what you need to learn without spending any money.  I do understand many people sell products and services but if you take the time to watch videos speaking about Internet marketing, SEO and free ways to advertise your website for free without paying any money, YOU WILL LEARN.  Creating a YouTube channel of your own will help you advertise your websites, articles and blogs and at the same time you’ll find yourself using it for social marketing to connect with people who share your goals.

I do understand that the three social networks are very well known and established but I wanted to share with you how using these three social networks as a way to social market, promote your articles, blogs and websites and help you connect with like-minded people does happen over time if you work it each day or each week.  Before you know it you will notice increased activity at your Facebook Pages/Groups, your Twitter and your YouTube Channel.


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