Using The Internet in Moderation Trying to Apply For Jobs Online

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There is no better way to end up with the job of your dreams than to expand your set of possibilities through putting out feelers by networking with people you already know as professional colleagues or friends. Put this together with the power of the Internet to find opportunities for your specific talents, and you can become an unstoppable force. Use of the Internet to apply for jobs online though is supposed to be in supplemental capacity – it was never intended to be a jobseeker’s sole source of information.

The best way to go about using the Internet to find job openings would be to go to a website that is specifically meant for jobs in your industry. There are lots of industry group websites that will have job listings for members of the profession. If you can’t tear yourself away from the possibilities that general-purpose job sites offer, you don’t have to spend a lot of time scanning each one of them turn by turn. You can make use of the meta-search engine like Indeed that goes out there and culls all the best opportunities there are on every major job website (like CareerBuilder and Monster) to present to you in one place. You can even search by different parameters injob location, job title or industry. Once you’ve established the parameters of your search, you can ask to be notified by e-mail every time something good for you turns up.

You’re always hearing how in a job search, it isn’t as much how talented you are as it is whom you know. There’s no way to deny the truth in this little aphorism. Being in regular touch with friends and associates in your industry is vital to your chances of a new job. But you don’t need to establish networking skills in person. LinkedIn for instance, isn’t merely meant for the purpose of applying for jobs online; it can help people establish their own circle of business contacts in their industry. LinkedIn even has plenty of job listings that you don’t find anywhere else. The site makes you aware of the job openings there might exist for you based on the kind of industry contacts you subscribe to.

Searching to apply for jobs online can be one of those major time sinks that the Internet has become well-known for. It’s best to organize one’s job seeking time online so that one doesn’t find most of one’s time taken up looking for jobs. Your time would be much better used in building contacts and networking than in using the Internet to merely search for jobs.


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