Will JP Morgan Chase be Taken Down by a Silver Bullet?

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There are those who say that greedy Wall Street Bankers have robbed the United States again and again.  It is as though Wall Street were populated with blood sucking- Zombie-Vampire-Werewolves. 

Some have noticed that the financial concerns like JP Morgan Chase may have shorted commodities such as silver on a gigantic scale.  If the Raiders of the Lost Cash, the people who want to bankrupt JPM, have their financial archaeology right, an all out attack on the silver market will weaken the Wall Streeter crowd and bring them to their knees.

If JPM is indeed shorting sliver to the tune of billions of dollars then one sure fire way to kick JPM where it hurts is below that silver belt.  But then you’d have to buy lots of silver.  No one person or even a handful of people has had the cash to try to corner the silver market since the Hunt brothers.

This is where you come in.  A man named Max Keiser is calling on everyone in the world to buy silver.  This will make the price of silver go up.  If JPM is indeed shorting silver—which is to say, betting that the price of silver will go down—they stand to lose billions.

There is a large and rather obvious flaw in Keiser’s analysis.  Didn’t the Three Stooges: Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke, move heaven and earth to loot the treasury of the United States and bailout Wall Street dead beats to the tune of trillions of dollars when Wall Street lost a bet with the market before?  And if it looks like JPM is about to go under for the third time won’t Larry, Curly and Moe steal money from you and me again and bail out their thieving Wall Street buddies one more time?  Won’t we be stuck holding the bag?  Since the Obama administration and the Bush administration before them fetch the soap for that   Insane Klown Posse known as Wall Street Bankers,  I think the American taxpayer could  once again be kicked to the curb while greedy criminal bankers scarf up taxpayer dollars—again.

On the other hand, Larry, Moe and Curly, aka Geithner, Obama and Bernanke, are doing all they can to destroy the value of the US dollar.   This means that precious metals like silver could be a useful hedge against the inflation that our government guarantees us through its actions. 

In the end, do we really have a choice?  I am going to add a little physical silver to my paper gold investment portfolio just in case.

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