Ten Tips to Look Younger And Live Longer

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Many a time we wonder at aged people, looking younger and smarter. You may be surprised to look at people having grandchildren and even great-grandchildren moving around cheerfully with a glow on their face. What is the secret of their warm glow and looking younger? Is it their good genes, good luck or good choices they make?

You can also look younger and feel good. You can also have a good self-image and strive to maintain your glow of youth. You can also have a graceful aging and longer life. It all depends on the factors that you adapt to achieve it.

10 tips to look younger and live longer

1) Adorn your face with a smile

Being cheerful is the first step for health and good looking. Laughter makes your face radiant in a way that no expensive cream can provide. Laughter also releases endorphins which elevate good mood. There is no doubt that people who are cheerful can see the positive side of things and live healthier and longer. They are happier than others and they spread their joy around them. Hence smile your way through life.

2) Walk your way to health

Modern compute era has made man a couch potato. Sedentary life style has caused more diseases. Exercises are necessary for a healthy life. Walking briskly for at least 30 minutes everyday can keep the blood vessels in good and pliable condition. Mild exercises can reduce the risk of diabetes and other diseases of the computer era. 

3) Keep up your self-image

Self-image is very important for a healthy life. In India, women generally feel undervalued and behave as if they are nothing in the family. But today this trend is changing and modern women have begun to gain confidence and self-respect. Make sure you maintain your beauty routine and moisturize your face regularly.

4) Maintain your weight

Increase in waist fat can raise the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. It is a wise investment to purchase a weighing machine. It will help you to check your weight periodically and maintain the optimum level.

5) Cut your calories

Indian traditions have many occasions that observe fasting and other rituals that help cutting calories. Recent studies say that the hearts of people who consumed fewer calories appeared 10 to 15 years younger than those of heavy eaters. Raw vegetables and fruits can help you healthier with a glowing skin.

6) Argue less

Researches reveal that nasty arguments in families increase the risk of heart diseases. Hostile comments and domineering shouting affect the heart. Using humor to diffuse the situation may help you in a better way.

7) Avoid pain in the body and mind

Chronic pain can cause deep depression and make you gloomy. Worry is also a kind of pain. Researches suggest that continuous pain may dampen your immune system and cause diseases. A timely medication and exercises can help you get rid of the pain. Pain relief can also elevate your good mood.

8) Immune your life with music

Music is a divine therapy. It can heal you and keep you young. Exposing yourself to music can boost your immune system. The therapeutic properties can elevate your moods and increase your productivity. Hence make music an integral part of your life.

9) Do good deeds

In Tamil we say, “Dharma will protect you”. It is true. The good deeds that you do and your kindness to others can enhance your good mood and emotional fulfillment. Philanthropy, without expecting any return, can be a reward in itself. Researches have shown that altruistic people live longer and healthier.  

10) Look for beauty everywhere

Be optimistic and look for beauty everywhere. Look at the good side of things and enjoy them. The most deplorable drawback of modern life is that we live in a fast pace of life where there is no time to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. Look at the colorful things of life. Smell the sweet fragrances found around you. Enjoy the fresh green of new leaves and the way the sun slants down at day break. Shield your soul with enjoyment of beauty.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It is all in your hands. You can decide your own future. Be happy and live longer!  


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