5 Sponsored Post Networks I Earn The Most With

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Where would I be without the opportunity of making an income by writing paid blog review posts on my blogs? A hell of a lot poorer is the answer to that question. For it totals up about 95% of my monthly earnings.

Some people look down on them but I think they are a fantastic way of generating income and, if written in the correct way, they also help advise people when buying products and expose people to events.

I get lots of emails about this kind of income method so I thought today I would list the five networks that have earned me the most money. Enjoy.:)

5. BlogToProfit ($150.00)

Each review has been worth between $5.00 – $6.00. You do not get many offers but when you do they come thick and fast. I have received five sets of offers with around five reviews in each. They also pay $10.00 per referral (which is how I earnt most of the sum above).

It states that payment is sent weekly but they have been known to take about two weeks.

4. Linkworth ($190.88)

Linkworth are a sort of jack of all trades. They offer blog review offers, in-line ads, banner advertising, text link ads, and lots more. If you have a PR0 blog then you might not get many offers

They pay out once you hit $30.00

3. Smorty ($203.40)

Smorty was once a favourite of mine but sadly the reviews dried up so I was forced to look elsewhere and now I barely check Smorty once a day. They might perk up and if so then definitely check them out. I’d say only use them if you have a PR4+ blog.

They pay every week which is why they become very popular.

2. Sponsored Reviews ($793.05)

Whilst most see Pay Per Post as the Mecca of bloggers wishing to earn money from sponsored posts, I choose to worship Sponsored Reviews. They have given me the second most reviews (behind PayU2Blog) and I have earned some good money with them.

Reviews are not all about finance and Viagra and start off at $5.00 and can go up as high as $100+. They also pay every 14 days.

1. PayU2Blog = ($1417.50)

This is one of my favourite networks as the reviews are very frequent. Each one is about $5.00 but if your PR is higher I guess you will get more. You also get the odd $10.00 and $20.00 reviews. Each review is about 60 words with just one link needed.

They pay out every two weeks and are sometimes early!

Do you use any of these? I’d love to know how you get on using them, drop us a comment and let us all know.:)


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