Tips on How to Get Pregnant Quick

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There are many ways on how to get pregnant quick. Among these is the usage of herbs. If you decide to use herbs, you will not experience any complications related to artificial drugs. Natural methods are the best methods on how to get pregnant quick. You can try the herb, damiana, for instance. It is said to increase sex drive and regulates the nervous system and it is also used to balance irregular hormones. Its leaves can be used to stimulate the reproductive system and to aid impotent men. Another effective herb is the raspberry leaf – this one is very rich in calcium and is perhaps one of the most used herbs to cure infertility. It also tones the pelvic muscles and uterus.

Then, you can use nettle leaves, as well. This herb is nutritious and high in mineral. It is also beneficial to the hormones. The red clover blossom, on the other hand, is also useful in the promotion of fertility. It is very helpful to the uterus. It contains calcium, protein, and magnesium. Dong quai is another useful herb. It is regarded as an excellent promoter of fertility and has been used since the early Eastern civilizations. It greatly affects the reproductive health of women and even regulates their menstruation cycles. Herbalists also suggest that using dong quai with other fertility herbs will help you achieve outstanding results.

Nonetheless, it is also very important that you take good care of your body while taking these herbs. If you’re a smoker you have to quit smoking, for instance. Studies have shown that smoking can reduce the chances of getting pregnant by up to 40%. It can also affect the unborn baby and cause health problems.

Then, you must also take in some vitamins. Keep in mind that vitamin C can keep your DNA free from harm; vitamin E can increase your fertility; and folic acid can lower your risks of having problematic eggs.

A healthy body weight is another important consideration. According to studies, women who are overweight or underweight have lower conception rates. So, if you are very thin or obese, you may have a hard time getting pregnant.

Furthermore, you can try practicing the missionary position. Experts say that this position helps the sperms get closer to the egg. Standing and woman-on-top positions, on the other hand, must be avoided because they can make the sperms flow out.


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