Cod4 Competitive Sniping Rules

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Here you will find a long list of rules, all regarding to Sniping in Modern Warfare (MW/COD4).

● Forfeit :
When a team quits
● Use dissallowed perks or weapons
● Leave early / mid game.

This counts as a 2-0 win, regardless if you have lost a round. If a team sets up a match, and does not show… Give them benefit of the doubt and let them explain why and so forth. Re arrange another match shortly after, and if it repeats…They are pussies and find other teams to play.

●▬ Basic Rules
● All members who play for you need to be on your team, please do not use other teams players (unless you asked the other team prior). IF a team has to use a non team player, and you turn them down… It is not a forfeit, they just cant play at that time – Set up a future date for the match.
● No grenades of any sort; including stuns and such
● No secondary weapons
● No primary weapon but the M40A3 unless asked to use R700
● You must show up ready to play, no warm up games
● IF you knife on accident one time, you must let them kill you and switch teams and apologize for the ACCIDENT.
*NOTE : If you knife, and it single-handidly makes the other team lose their win – It will count as forfeit!*
● IF you knife twice, the other team can count it as a forfeit !
● While playing, if randoms join and play – Have people tell them to get out. If they refuse, end the game and restart the match with NO points unless the game was 4 flag captures, 190+ HQ. If the score is equal or above the listed numbers, then continue the game with those scores.
– That will avoid people PURPOSELY having someone spawn in and fuck it up.
● You may sub out any player who times out, but if they come back – They will sub back in to their spot.
● You may make one substitute a game, ontop of any time out subs. If you sub in a guy, he does bad… Oh well he has to finnish !
● Members have to be ON the teams roster with the account they will play on
– EXAMPLE : ZeN-FLeXaLiTY is on roster, I can not play on eXiLe_Guardian (not my account, see why the rule exist? Too much of that shit).
● One team on one side, the other on other. No Team 1 can spectate Team 2 for longer than 1 minute (you can check perks of players, and see why they sub’d in people but get off their team ASAP).

●▬ Basic Sportsmanship
● IF someone does knife or hit you with across map throwing knife, dont flip shit and curse them out – Unless they do it MULTIPLE times and then go for it
● Please do not have any drama over losing, accept it – OpTic has lost, eXiLe has lost, M40A3 has lost, XGeN has lost – The top teams on all platforms have lost, and most took the loss well… So please do the same !
● Remember, beating a team one time does not allow you to take their spot
– EXAMPLE : Twisted had to beat EPiC NA 2 times to take #2 spot.
● Please keep the TOP TEAMS and TOP SNIPER list to yourself and remember we’re all here to play a game, nothing life threatening and so serious you have to ruin the game over.
● Please dont go ON and ON and ON about server lag… PS3 has lag, hosts that are good for EVERY player is REALLY hard. You may ask to switch host if at the beginning of game you are 1-2 baring or skipping around like a school girl.
● When asking to switch host, be respectful or they will tell you to go fuck yourself, because it is their hosting turn.
● If you are disrespectful and refuse to take the loss, talk mad shit, or make excuses ; Your team will be viewed as a joke, and will lose all respect – Even if you come back and win ! So please, reflect well on your team by having a good attitude and manning up to losing. . . Most great athletes and boxers become famous AFTER losing ! You can do the same, just dont give up!

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●▬Basic Class▬●
Your class should consist of ;
● M40A3 (You may ask to allow R700 as well)
● Any side arm / secondary
● Stun, Flash or Smoke are all banned, so pick which ever you preffer
● Your perks should be
– Bandolier
– Stopping Power
– Dead Silence or Deep Impact or Extreme Conditioning

Now you MAY ask the other team, if you are allowed to use any other perks other than the ones listed (for example; sleight of hand)… But you have to ask the other team, BEFORE doing so ! If you do not, it may count as a forfeit !

●▬ Game Modes & Settings
OK in Competitive Sniping in COD4, you have your 3 basic game modes; Team Death Match (TDM), Head Quarters (HQ), Sabotage (Sabo). Some clans MIGHT do other game modes, but normally – Those are the three game modes you will see.

Now, when you are selecting your rules / gamemode and map… You may NOT select the same map twice! Even if you pick different game modes ! Game modes MAY be selected twice, although it is preffered not to.

Team Death Match : TDM
● 5 sec for 4v4, 0 for 3v3
● Miniscule Health
● No Kill Streaks
● No Wave Spawn Delay
● Score Limit To 1500 or 1000
● No Time Limit

Head Quarters : HQ
● 5 sec for 4v4, 0 for 3v3
● Miniscule Health
● No Kill Streaks
● No Wave Spawn Delay
● Score Limit To 250
● No Time Limit

Sabotage : Sabo
● Score Limit 4 – first team to 2 wins
● 5 Second Respawn
● Miniscule Health
● No Kill Streaks
● No Wave Spawn Delay
● 10 minute time limit

Domination : Dom
● Score to 200
● 5 sec spawn delay
● Miniscule Health
● No Kill Streaks
● No Wave Spawn Delay
● No Time Limit

If the setting is NOT listed above, it should NOT be changed.
If you do a DIFFERENT game type than above, the rules vary on the team that selected it.

Most teams will not play the following game modes : Search And Destroy (SnD). If you pick one of those, and they turn it down – Please pick one of the above game types.

Also, if a member on either team does not have the map pack, map pack games / maps may not be played. UNLESS they say it is OK. If they say NO – Then you can not call it a forfeit !

●▬ Determining The Host

When setting up your matches, there is a few ways to determine HOST.

1 : This is the best way ; Have a neutral host, that is in NEITHER clan, the whole match. This way no team has the host as a player.

2 : Second Best Way ; Have a NON playing member host, so no host advantage inside the game. IF you do it this way, and the other team wants their non playing member to host, let them. If they want a playing member to host, then you get to host the next game . . . With one of YOUR playing members hosting.

3 : If you cant find a neutral or semi neutral host, then this is the NORMAL format.

Game 1 : Team 1 Host or neutral : Team 2 Picks the gametype and map.
Game 2 : Team 2 Host or neutral : Team 1 Picks the gametype and map.
Game 3 : Either team or neutral host : Team 1 Picks Map : Team 2 Picks Game Mode

If a neutral host is found, alternate who picks just like above.

Note : IF a Neutral Host leaves mid game, it is not a forfeit, you will find a new host and continue from where the points left off from


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