How to Learn Yoga Free Online

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  1. Start with a basic search for free yoga classes online. This can be done by using the search engine of your choice and searching for “free yoga online”, “free yoga lessons online” or similar phrases.

    You may want to search for a specific type of yoga, such as lessons that are suitable for beginners, advanced techniques, etc.

    You can also look specifically for certain yoga poses and exercises. visit-

  2. Consider searching for free yoga lessons online in various formats. For example, some are written tutorials with photos, others are online videos or podcasts.
    You can do an online search for specific formats such as “free yoga videos online”, “free yoga podcast” etc. Check with free podcast and online video sources that you are aware of.

  3. Check with your local library system. Many libraries offer free access to online materials such as tutorials and videos, which may include yoga lessons. A current library card may be required.

  4. Determine which website suits your needs best, or use a variety of programs. Some examples of websites offering free yoga lessons online can be found in the resources section below.

  5. Work at your own pace and realize, as with learning anything new, that patience and practice are the keys to success.

  6. Make sure to read all of the safety guidelines with each program. Check to see if any specific equipment or tools are needed for the free yoga lessons you choose. Be aware that some web sites may require registration. visit-


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