Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale

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Barbie has been an icon for more than 50 years.   It is still one of the most widely recognized brand worldwide.  It was an ingenious move by the organizers.  

Not only were they able to attract the shoppers for the actual appearance of Barbie and Ken, the mall could continue to use the platform for other promotions.  A fashion show and a dance competition was conducted using the platform.

Tie In

The objective of having themes and promotions in the mall is to attract shoppers and get them to buy.   Mattel has done a good job in expanding Barbie into multiple media.  She appeared as dolls, there are books from the movies, the movies themselves and also the accessories.  

Some of the promotions made around the platform includes sales of books on Barbie, accessories and toys from the Barbie series – handbag, pencil box.  

There was a dress like Barbie competition.   I only witnessed the final line up but given the number, I think many tried.


The story “Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale” was played out on the stage and there was a huge audience from every floor.  My daughter willingly sacrificed her skating time to watch the show.

The Story

Barbie received a call from Ken telling her that he wanted to breakup with her.  In her despair, she was advised to visit her aunt in Paris.  Her aunt owns a fashion house.  Unfortunately, she had already given up because of another competing fashion house.  


Ken looking at the audience:


Barbie discovered three magical creatures called flairlies.  These magical creatures were glitter, glimmer and shimmer.   Since the building was already sold, Barbie, her aunts assistant and Barbie had to come up with a new line to get enough money to buy back the building.

The owner of the competing house found out the secret of the flairlies and kidnapped the creatures.  The owner of the competing house and her assistant was very incompetent and had been stealing the design from Barbie’s aunt.  At the end of the story, Barbie’s aunt successfully bought her building back and their competitor joined them after admitting defeat.

The final waving to the crowd:


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