Anemia: What Are The Warning Signs?

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But, such minor falls in blood hemoglobin concentration would not be enough for a person to develop symptoms or signs related to anemia and even with a sizable change in the hemoglobin levels, if it develops over a prolonged period of time, the symptoms may mask the appearance of symptoms and signs.

But, at any circumstance, the body would not be able to tolerate a loss beyond a certain point depending on the circumstances and can give rise to symptoms which range from minor feeling of un-wellness or major shortness of breath that prevents the person from performing even the day to day activities. Let us now look at some of the warning signs that indicate the possibility of anemia in a susceptible person.

-Weakness, fatigue and generalized malaise

These would be the commonest initial manifestations of anemia and as you can see, it would be rather wage in its presentation. The underlying mechanism of such manifestations would be the deprivation of body tissues of vital oxygen that is required for its function, as the hemoglobin is responsible for oxygen carrying ability.

Shortness of breath

This would be a late sign of anemia as it indicates severe compromise in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and therefore the need for the lungs to overly function to compensate for inadequacy of circulating oxygen.

-Palpitations and angina

As the tissue demands for oxygen is not met in anemic patients, the demand will be met partially through excessive functioning of the heart through increased heart rate and forceful contractions. This would lead to the feeling of palpitations and sometimes pain in the heart muscles if these are also deprived of adequate amount of oxygen to function. At the same time, such insults for a prolonged period will lead to structural changes in the heart as well.

-Symptoms of heart failure

With time, the heart would not be able to compensate for the demand and the changes that take place would reduce its functional ability. The result would be a failing heart and it can manifest as shortness of breath, chest pain, dependent edema and with other related signs.


This would be a sign that has to be elicited by looking at the conjunctiva of the eye or else the tongue and should indicate the necessity to do a hemoglobin level to assess its status.

Thus, if these warning signs are present, you should not take a chance and immediate measures should be taken from the onset to correct the underlying anemia and therefore the possible complication which at times would be life threatening.


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