How to Recognize Stomach Ulcers

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Ulceration of the stomach mucosal lining would be a rather uncomfortable experience and sometimes, if it persist or is not controlled, can lead to major complications as well. Therefore, knowing the warning signs would enable a person to seek treatment early and avoid the development of complications which may require surgical interventions in case of rupturing of the stomach wall.

Thus, let us take a look at these warning signs in brief.

-Pain in the stomach

Pain in the epigastric region or else just underneath the breast bone would be one of the commonest complains of a person having gastritis or gastric ulcer disease and at times it can be misunderstood as a pain originating from the heart as well. The pain may be related to meals and in gastric ulcers, the pain will occur as soon as the person takes a meal. At the same time, certain meals or drinks can relieve the pain although it will be for a short period of time. In severe ulcerations, the pain can also be felt in the back of the chest and at times, if a rupture has taken place, the pain would be so severe and can radiate to shoulder tips as well.

-Dark colored stools

As there can be bleeding taking place from the ulcer site, the fresh blood will get altered when it travels through the intestine and would appear with stools as a tarry colored stools known as ‘malena stools’. As such, in case there is such development, action should be taken to asses stools for the possible presence of altered blood.

-Vomiting of blood

In case the ulcers are large enough, there is a possibility of heavy bleeding and thus vomit blood when the stomach is no longer able to tolerate the accumulation. But, in most instances, such manifestations would take place after preceding symptoms and it is prudent to prevent the disease from progressing to this level.

Apart from these major signs, there can be a feeling of uneasiness, poor appetite, loss of weight, nausea, vomiting, feeling of indigestion and hunger from time to time as well.

But, if any of these signs are present, you should seek medical attention urgently, as a possible rupture of the stomach wall can lead to fatal outcomes as well.


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