Try Celebrating Black Friday

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There are three major considerations to take into account for involving yourself with Black Friday:

1. Know what you want and where you are going to get it from. Make a list and write down your details of the make, model and specs if you can of electronics you plan to purchase. (it can speed up the process of buying if you know this information.) If you need assistance, sale persons will be able to get the item quicker based on your written details)

2. Know exactly where each product you want to purchase is located in the store before you Black Friday sales. After you have done Step 1 and you are in the store: Negotiate additional discounts on products that are also on display if the store runs out of stock of the product you want or you are willing to buy a display model.

3. Make sure you do not lose your receipt(s).


Find a few friends or family members who intend to shop on Black Friday and that may be interested in making the experience like a celebration. Some of the first things you all will have to do is go to sleep early, wake up around midnight, shower, get dressed and get excited about shopping on Black Friday. Go to the shopping center or area you will be shopping and see if you can find a parking space early. You can even try doing this on Thursday. Proceed to mass transit if necessary or pick a place close by before hand to the shopping area to meet your friends.

What to do: The morning of Black Friday, try taking in a great new movie during its’ last showing. A hit movie sometimes plays as late as 1 or 2 am in the morning.  Glow in the dark bowling is another late night alternative that you can take advantage of until 3:00 am to make it to Black Friday before the stores open. Make arrangements to meet your friends or family and meet up around 1:00 am at a all night diner. Have an early breakfast. Make it a fancy one if you like, but not an expensive one. Remember, you’re about to go to Black Friday! Make sure you get to your shopping destination no later than 4:00 am. Depending on the location and size of the store, Black Friday shoppers have been known to start lining up as early as between 12:00-2:00 am. Don’t panic if there seems to be a very long line. Whatever time you get there, unless it is before or around midnight, there is going to be a long line. Keep in mind that everyone is not on the line for the same items. Equally, keep in mind if you are planning to get an item or items that are very popular, you will have to get in line much earlier than a couple hours before the store opens. Bring a mug of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, snacks and an extra sweatshirt. Better yet, if it is going to be below 50 degrees on Black Friday, dress in layers. It will start feeling cooler during the hours you stand on line. Keep your eyes open and look out for sales people coming around the crowd to ask questions of the items you are going to purchase. Many times they have tickets for popular items as well as a number count on a card to give shoppers. These tickets secure that you have a shot at getting your product. You must present item tickets for purchase. Don’t neglect understanding this and securing your ticket(s). Stay calm and relaxed, make jokes, meet people, have fun and stay excited, especially, if you are on line, have a ticket, are with friends or family and you are all there about 2 hours before the doors open. Black Friday can truly be eventful and filled with high energy with the right crowd of friends or with the funny things happening while on line. Conversate, learn and mingle. You really don’t have to go many hours before, but it really depends on if you are ‘shopping the store out’, have chosen common items and or have made choices of items that may not be stocked well. It also depends on if you want to get in and out early. The earlier you get in, the quicker you can get out to enjoy the items you purchase on Black Friday.


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