Star Trek Rebellion

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I stumbled across the Star Trek Rebellion role play group when @Hoshi_Sato from the Star Trek Enterprise role play group had a conversation with @KalaCree. After following @KalaCree for awhile I noticed she mentioned @YatrellRae frequently. Their Follow Friday tweets led me to the rest of the group.

Their format is similar to Enterprise and Mirror Universe Enterprise role play groups:

Tweets are always in character except when noted by “OOC” in which case the role player is relaying information regarding the RP such as a new character to follow, a pause in the story, any technical difficulties. The storyline is relayed mostly by conversations between the characters, enhanced by action descriptions which are separated from speech by asterisks (*) It is a PG-13 role play.

The story as I understand it is complex and unique while consistent with the Star Trek genre. The telepathic family stranded in space are at the center of a rescue mission from the future which is complicated by the challenges they each face. The Borg are a constant threat.

Let me introduce you to the characters I know best:

KalaCree Rae (@KalaCree) : Kala is from the future. She is a half-Deltan, half-Betazoid medic who nearly died of a condition affecting her telepathy.

Reittan Rae : Baby Reittan is Kala and Yatrell’s son.

Yatrell Rae (@YatrellRae) : Yatrell is Kala’s husband and Imzadi. He is a Betazoid who was once a Borg. He is wanted for genocide as part of the Borg Omega Collective.

Ariella Rae (@Ariella_Rae, previously @UnknownTelepath) : Ariella is from the future. She is Kala and Yatrell’s daughter.

Red McCullum (@OldManRed ) : Red runs a road-side restaurant in the tiny town of Tortilla Flat, Arizona. He is close to Yatrell and Ariella.

Reittan J Rae (@ReittanJRae) : RJ is from the future. He is the man Baby Reittan will become.

S’Anra Rae (@SanraRae) : S’Anra is from the future. She is RJ’s wife and Imzadi. She is a Romulan who was born on Vulcan. She is wanted for the murder of a Starfleet officer.

V’Ssrette (@VSsrette) : V’Ssrette is S’Anra’s friend. She is a Caitian mercenary who has joined S’Anra as an escaped felon.

Captain Turan (@CptTuran) : Turan is a Captain of the Andorian Imperial Guard who rescued, rehabilitated and protected S’Anra.

Lal : Lal is Turan’s mother.

Donald Hayes (@Donald_Hayes) : Donald is a retired Starfleet Admiral who was Yatrell’s commanding officer. He is RJ’s friend and Baby Reittan’s “grampy”.

Breanna Hansen (@AdmiralHansen) : Breanna is Head of Starfleet Internal Affairs. She is a former Section 31 agent who found, interrogated and attempted to enlist Ariella when she arrived from the future.

Michelle Eddington (@CmdrEddington) : A member of Starfleet Security recently assigned to the Andorian Guard after Captain Turan assisted S’Anra and V’Ssrette in escaping arrest.

Despite the complex story line, large cast and interactive followers, Star Trek Rebellion is relatively easy to follow. I believe this is mainly because each scene is played out in detail. The intensely emotional action scenes and sweet romantic interludes are interspersed with highly relate-able scenes with the characters living out their daily routines. These ‘everyday’ moments are ideal times for followers to interact.

For more information including detailed character backgrounds, FAQ, species descriptions, an interview with the creator and more, go to

Follow the role play on Twitter list @NCC1941/star-trek-rebellion-rp

Follow the role play (and followers who regularly interact) on Twitter list @NCC1941/friends-of-rebellion

Several of the characters welcome questions at


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