The World

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The World

The World is suffused with suffering and warfare:  cholera and rape in Haiti, Sudanese genocide, the return of the USSR and as prickly as before Czar Aleksandr IV, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.  The hatred and resentment among classes and politicians, the upcoming elections USA rife with libel, spite and incivility.  Our Globe is understandably a grim scene.

How do I respond to this unending conflict and carnage?  You see I am the world and the world is me.  This is my concern.  I care about it deeply.  I want us to survive and prosper.  All of us.  But do I despair and knash my teeth, putting on loin cloth and ashes?  Do I pray?  Join a cause?  Volunteer in a chaotic place?  Join the latest revolution?  Do I care deeply about the plight of children, the thousands who perish daily of starvation?  I see the conflict both within and without:  My doubt, My preoccupation with The Self, My life, My house, My wife, My pensions, My importance.  Self condemnation, self-effacement, sexual identity, depression, pessimism mark my days.  I see the violence and death in my city.  My neighborhood gets riddled with bullets at night.  I fear being mugged.  Six .6 Billion of US.

One could condemn the world but it is essentially the condemnation of oneself.  Justify The Human Condition in a Darwinian Way and that means you too are evolving and nature can be cruel.  The Earth itself is in doubt of sustaining us.  Acceptance is easy.  Identifying with an ISM is an escape into slogans and the internecine conflict of such societies and parties.  How then do I respond?

Action is necessary and the energies of technicians, leaders, physicists, Bishops and Mullahs, the Dali Lama and Richard Gere, the many movements for improvement, the idealists and weathered cynics, the workers of the Planet sweating for the very survival of our world.  I sometimes scorn the do-gooders but this group has wrought more good than ill.  In summary, action is necessary.

But is the necessary sufficient?  I say this not as an avoider of good works but because to survive we must work daily.  Each according to his talents and wiles.  But the radical transformation of The Earth requires energy that surpasses the atom or bomb, the great new dam, the wonders of science, and a newly discovered possible Earth way out in DR674 wobbling against a foreign sun.  The energy required is beyond our achievements, our so-called progress.  The Revolution is not the replacement of one system by another, the continuance of Power in other guises, is not an historical narrative or a conclusion.  Rather, it is beyond such data, such wonder.  The energy required is beyond all this, beyond thought, the machinations of Man.  This vital energy is destructive of The Past, The Word, The Greed of Becoming.  It shatters all expectations and beliefs.  This energy is inexhaustibly available from moment to moment and must be culled to Transform the Species. 


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