Saving Your Bacon in Finance

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a few envelopes, patience, a calculator and a smile, because it will not hurt!

First, write on the envelopes all of your monthly bills, this could include gas/bus money, insurance, food money, heat, rent, etc.

The idea is to take your whole paycheck and put it into the different envelopes.  The amounts will be different for everyone.

If you are paid once a month or twice, this will change the amount you put into the envelopes.  If you get paid once a month, you need to cover your costs.  The envelopes make it easier by seeing and holding the different accounts in your hands.  It makes bill paying a personal and tactile activity.

On the other hand, if you get paid twice a month, then try to cover most bills at the beginning of the month, instead of the end.

The other big difference you can do is think of your money and pay in smaller numbers.  Instead of hundreds or thousands, take off the zeros and use numbers such as 10 or 100.  The more zeros that are used, the bigger the problem seems to be.

I found by taking the bill up to the next dollar or even the next 10 dollars, its easier to calculate.  You always make it easier for yourself.  This idea should help you, not torture you some more.  If you keep on rounding up your bills every month then one month the credit should pay the bill.  It’s like having a “free” month!

Always round off bills to the nearest dollar or for the best result, round them off at the nearest 10 or 20 dollars.

If you start off small then the thought of dealing with the bigger stuff is not as scary.


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