Ipod Has Created A Large Eco System

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Technology has not just brought about individual innovations. When different variations of iPod are released by Apple, it activates a number of different other electronic companies. There are several other accessories and which are being designed and marketed such as cases, docking stations, rechargers and car adaptors.

There is hectic activity whenever Apple introduces a new device as numerous satellite companies gear up simultaneously so that all the related consumer accessories are available with the latest device. An analysis was made by the NPD group which revealed that for every $3 million which is spent on iPods, minimum of $ 1 million is spent on the accessories.

In fact a complete chain has developed with the accessory manufacturers, advertisers, designers, retailers, as well as marketing gurus. Generally accessories in fact perform better economically compared to the iPod as they have better profit margins. It is not as though the satellite industries get the most profits as the marketing campaigns, Apple demos, reviews also gain a lot from the ultimate image creation of this device.

There is big range available in the market from affordable simple cases which cost around $10-$200 to baby strollers, speakers, docking stations, and transmitters which has specialized slots for iPods as well as a belt which can hold the device. For people who are ready to spend money can get massage chairs which have holders to keep iPod on the armrest, customized speakers and boom boxes.

When we talk of business, iPod is a total phenomenon as this one tiny electronic product has led to the creation of a complete industry or genre. Apple has kept away from providing total packages for the gadgets themselves unlike the earlier successes such as the Barbie dolls and superman or Disney land.   

The business model or plan of Apple till now has not been to create any one partnership or entity but to have an open system where there are opportunities for several companies to compete for a slice of the Apple pie. Now the process is changing and Apple is giving some options such as “made for iPod” logos by paying royalty.

IPod has not only played a part in inspiring accessories but has also brought about changes in small things like snooze mechanisms or clocks. These clocks have been altered so that they can conveniently be harmonized with the iPod.  The iPod ecosystem is growing at a very fast rate and has become a multibillion dollar industry around the globe.  


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