Try Using Dyson D15 Vacuum Cleaner

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The Dyson DC15 is a unique vacuum cleaner which has been launched in the market. It is the initial and the sole vacuum cleaner which has a very special ball. It is true that the robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming very popular, the DC15 is perfect for women who will like to have a traditional vacuum cleaner but with a difference. The Dyson DC15 vacuum cleaner has been designed with a big yellow ball which allows the vacuum cleaner to be pivoted and rolled very easily. You just need to move your wrist and the Dyson DC15 vacuum cleaner changes its direction.  This is a feature which is generally linked to the canister style vacuum cleaners.

This vacuum cleaner also offers very intriguing filtration system. You may hear different things but the Dyson vacuum cleaners do not use filters in the manner like the other regular vacuum cleaners. The air with the dirt gets sucked inside the vacuum container and here the outer cyclone eliminates large particles like food particles, fibers and hair. The air then moves into the shroud and the inside cyclone where it gets rotated at a higher speed to remove minute dust particles from the air.

The air moves from the inner cyclone to next level and through the washable inner foam pre filter where most of the particles get trapped. This is the feature which aids DC15 vacuum cleaners to keep the debris and dirt getting trapped inside the motor. After moving through the motor the last final step in the vacuum is the HEPA filter.  The DC15 vacuum cleaners have been designed with a very stringent filter system, which will stops 99.9% of mold and bacteria from staying in the home. It sucks up the unwanted substances and keeps it inside the vacuum. Many of us may not be aware but Dyson vacuum cleaners have been around for a number of years. Of course they are not as well known and popular as the larger brands like Hoover, but they provide you with excellent performance and quality. Unlike many known brands Dyson is working on improving their products as well as competing with the other products.

The Dyson DC15 vacuum cleaners are well known for the attachments as well as the suction power. It is very simple to make the attachments with the ball assembly system. You just have to get used to the Dyson DC15 vacuum cleaners.


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