Let Us Compare Grill Burners

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Each and every stainless steel grill burner is not designed in the same way. When you are comparing the different burner systems, you must keep an eye on some of the main points. Stainless steel sheet metal is used by most of the manufacturers to design the grill burners.  The negative of the sheet metal burners is that they get caught into the process which is known as burn-through. The warranty from the manufacturer covers the sheet metal grill burners against rust but they don’t have a burn through cover. To overcome burn through CAST stainless steel grill burners are used by some of the manufacturers.  Warranty given on such burners does cover rusting, burn-through or even rust-through, warping, twisting or any such issues.

When you compare them side to side you will notice that the sheet metal burner is not even a quarter inch thick but cast stainless steel burner is almost ¼ inch thick. As well as being thicker you can also see the way burners have been placed on the side of the burner. When you see sheet metal burners you will notice that the ports are open to grease drippings as well as food particles which can block the ports and quicken the burn-through process. While the cast grill burner has been designed with a protective edge to disallow any drippings to get in touch with the ports.

As a consumer you have a number of choices in grill burners which include cast stainless steel, sheet stainless steel, tube stainless steel, porcelain, chrome and cast iron and chrome grill burners.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal grill burners are the cheapest of them all. You can get them in a grill which costs less than $800. A tube burner is also quite thin but is better than the sheet metal grill burner. In fact a number of top end grill manufacturers tend to save money by including tube grill burners. They normally don’t cover burn through warranty.

Cast Stainless Steel is no doubt the best grill burners and you will notice that they are 1/4 inch thick and you also get a warranty cover for a burn through. Cast-iron has the ability to conducts better heat which is the reason why it is a preferred gas grill material. Some cast-iron cooking grids come with a porcelain finish on the cooking surface to safeguard against natural rusting but needs special maintenance.

Porcelain enamel is basically a very durable glass which with other inorganic material and coloring oxides is fused into the metal at very high temperatures. Most of the grids are designed from steel rods and some are porcelain coated to make them rust proof and easy to clean.


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