Biodiversity Conservation: Some Thoughts

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Biodiversity is generally referred to variety of species. However, technically biodiversity means diversity of species, diversity of genes, diversity of ecosystems ,and the ongoing interactions within the ecosystems. Each species has definite role in ecosystem although species get lost through natural process . On the other hand ,new species appears due to evolution. The evolution and extinction may be compared with the make and brake policy of nature. However, the existing biodiversity, the precious gift of nature is the result of billions of years of evolution.

Natural extinction of species is a must, but anthropogenic species extiction is a matter of serious concern. Our present trend of developmental activities degrades natural environment in a number of ways, and make them unsuitable for providing ecosystem services.It  must be kep tin mind that we depend on biodiversity for our survival.

Conserving millions of species is important for quality of life of present and future generations. Successful biodiversity conservation lies in maintenance of genetic variation within the population along with conservation of ecological processes. Two main types of conservation options are in-situ conservation and ex-situ conservation. In-situ conservation is generally found as ideal. Ex-situ conservation provide a back-up solution to in situ conservation methods

Biodiversity conservation is going on with support from Government departments, international ,and national agencies. Ppresently, it is mainly restricted on protected areas. People’s involvement in conservation process  appears to be unsatisfactory. In fact, involvement of people perhaps require benefit sharing. Secondly, it has recently been emerged that it is not the biodiversity conservation, rather conservation of biocultural diversity  that would  be more effective in conservation process. Lastly,our attitude towards natural resource exploitation must be changed at the earliest.


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