How I Gained Money And Lost All of it Betting Online

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Easy money hardly comes in life but many of us would love it if it comes. It is a fact whether you admit it or not. That is the reason so many people buy lotteries, gamble in casinos, bet on horses, bet on sports matches, etc. Few people win at times and most lose whatever they’ve got or a large chunk of it in the process. Even among those who win all doesn’t eventually benefit from it as they go for even more and lose whatever they’d won prior. It is the endless lust of acquiring more money; the insatiable thirst that eventually causes doom.

I must add that many people refrain from the temptation as well and only prefer it the hard way, else the world would’ve been filled by gamblers and betters. But even many of them go for it as well when they find that they don’t lose anything in it, I meant to say those lotteries or sweepstakes where you are not under any compulsion to purchase anything. Therefore the truth is that the overwhelming majority likes to get easy money or something in kind for free.

Previously the free offers or the offers where the stakes were minimal was not that prevalent, but with market competitions getting tougher by the day more and more companies are giving away such opportunities to draw attention towards their products and services and hence benefit from it. These kind of offers are available both offline and online but since the online world is spreading fast with passage of time so more opportunities of such kind are sprouting in the online world.

I happened to stumble upon one such site while clicking ads few days ago. It was a small casino game site that allowed a person to place a bet on the flip of a coin. It’d either be head or tail. You’re supposed to pay the bet amount from your Liberty Reserve funds and if your predictions turned out to be correct then you would win 250% of the bet amount! The most intriguing part of it was that it allowed you to bet as low as 10cents, which went up to 256$. So what appeared primarily was that it would not be much of a loss if you eventually lose your bet. There were other ways of benefiting from the site as well. You could win their Jackpot if the last two digits of your winning batch number turned out to be 99 and your bet amount was 1$ or more. The Jackpot amount varied for respective batches though. Also you could refer other people and win 10% of their bet amount even if they lose their bet. The Url of the site is

I had never betted in any such site previously and was not sure about how those work, so I thought that even if I lose a few 10cents bet I don’t lose much but if I manage to win then it’d be great. Little did I know how addictive this one was! I had probably hundred or more bites at the cherry with bets never going past 20cents on the first day of my encounter with that site and there were those moments where I had gained almost one dollar in my Liberty Reserve funds and could easily have quit, but I hung on for more and went on losing. Eventually I could rescue myself for that day, but on the second day of my attempt I lost all my Liberty Reserve funds there! Now winning and losing in a game like that was plainly of luck, but from what I noticed in the updated results provided on the site raised more than an eyebrow. It’d be very hard to prove but it appeared as if somebody was sitting there manipulating the results. If that wouldn’t have happened some results were just not possible. I’m pretty much sure that the owners of that site were manipulating the results to suit their interests; giving away at times to lure more people and eventually taking it away from most to benefit the site. I had asked them this question though and they didn’t give any reply, which more or less proves that my hunch was not a folly.

Some lessons are better learnt in life the hard way so you would remember the wounds you’ve received from your earlier committed mistakes before trying to tread those path once again afterwards. What I learnt from my losses is that it doesn’t matter whether the amount is small or large, but if you can’t press the stop button at the right time, then you’d eventually lose whatever you’ve got or most of it and particularly if somebody is luring you into a trap!

So I’d urge everyone to stay away from such sites that are only here to take away your hard-earned money as most of us may have spent months in earning it online. Hopefully I have learnt my lessons the hard way and wouldn’t indulge myself in such activities that not only depletes the finances but also dents the morale.


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