Arai Sz-M Helmet

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               This is the Formula One auto racing.  Arai holds the distinction of being chosen by more than half of the F-1 grid racers around the circuit. Including the new 2006 world champion and 3 of the top-five racer drivers in the sad tourney. One of the advantages and benefits of Arai’s F-1 involvement that has come down to racers and motorcyclists is that we learned the best way to ventilate a very hot helmet is to pull the hot stale air out, rather than trying to push new cool air in. This led Arai to introduce the world’s 1st diffuser-mounted motorcycle gear or accessory, the RX-7 series, one of the most-copied features ever. The SZ/m, and its owners, benefits from this via the helmet’s 4-vent arrangement with 2 front vents and two rear.

                Arai SZ-M HelmetBrow Vent Face shield Ventilation System provides a ability of having cooling air in upper face area without holes in critical spots like forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material, It has a washable interior, Removable/Replaceable Cheek Pads-for custom fit, Multiple-Foam Interiors for comfort, Advanced flip up face shield -precurved and super anti scratch shield, M style 4-way ventilation system 2 front and 2 rear vents, move cooling air throughout interior area, displace hot air, Super Fiber Laminate shell-strong, comfortable and lightweight, ZR shield, holder and base plates material.

                 Arai’s EPS liner is innovative and like no other, comprised of different material densities molded into a single piece. Arai pioneered this technology edge more than 20 years ago and is still, to our knowledge, the only gear or helmet offering a single-piece hybrid liner and its sole and unique benefit: the direct-fused contact space/area that each EPS cell shares with it neighboring cells creates a same/mutual support, as one is crushed under impact, the surrounding cells assist with the power or energy absorption. Liner pieces that are simply attached and fitted or glued together cannot rely on such a high-level support bond.


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