The Arai Profle Helmet

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                The Profile gives additional forehead room for those who find that most helmets have some pressure points in the forehead. Externally, like all Arai models, the Profile’s shell shape was hand-sculpted and designed by Arai craftsmen, not made by a computer. Arai believes humans solve and answers human problems; computers calculate and solve mathematical problems. Their customers are humans not computers. Then, the hand-formed model is copied and scanned by the most advanced Laser Scanner high-technology available to create a production model with the tightest measurement tolerances in Arai’s already-legendary history. The Profile combines the newer shell design and engineering from the Corsair series with advancements in interior-shaping learned from the model Quantum 2.

                Arai Profile Helmetmain features: It has Long Oval fit: The traditional Arai fit in which the head length is distinctly simply narrow side-to-side, combined with a longer front to back measurement, Brow Vent Face shield Ventilation System the gives cooling air in upper face area without any holes in critical forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material. It is equipped with UV ray protection with less distortion. De-Mist Lock face shield tab that pushes forward to open the shield slightly help clear fogging. A Removable Breath guard reduce problem of fogging by deflecting breath away from face shield.

                CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell fiberglass composite is much stronger and lighter allows use of softer, and less-dense liner materials inside for ease and increased rider comfort. FFS (Free Flow System) gradually reduces wind turbulence while extensively increasing the exhaust of hot air from the facial area. A Dual Exhaust/Dual Intake Ventilation dual TDF-2 top intake vents and DDL-3 bridged exhaust vents engineered and designed to draw significant volume of air from helmet interior. A Multiple-Foam Interiors for ease and comfort, a Rear Exhaust Channel and Vent adds a extreme racy look while drawing hot air from helmet interior. It has fully removable cheek and liner pads, a new and enhanced pull down chin spoiler, adds exhaust of hot breath to minimize shield fogging. Meets D.O.T. criteria.


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